Monday, December 5, 2011

Blackboard Tip: Suggestions for the End of the Semester

Following some suggestions for the end of the semester

·         Make your courses unavailable
·         Automatic Zero fill  for grade book blank items
·         Download your grade book
·         Archive  your  course

Make your  courses unavailable:

-            From the Control Panel, click Customization and select Properties.
-           Under the third option  Set Availability, check the box next to No.
-           Click Submit.

Automatic Zero fill  for grade book blank items :

Click the chevron (two down arrows) near the weighted total column .

Select Edit Column Information

Select No for Calculate as Running Total.

Click Submit

Download  course Grade Book:

-          From within your grade center click Work Offline - select Download.

-          On the Download Grades page under Data, select Full Grade Center, and under Options, keep the option section  as default  click submit .
          Click the Download button and choose where to save the file.

The file will be saved with  excel 2003     *.xls extension .

Archive your course

-           From the Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities and select Export/Archive Course.

-          Click Archive.

Note:  Archive saves all elements of the course, which includes all student grades, tests, student activities and the course roster. Export saves  all or parts of the course structure. Exporting does not include student activities or student roster.
-            On the Archive Course page under Select Copy Options, select Include Grade Center History. -    Click Submit.


     Note:  The archived course is saved in a zip and may take some time to be processed.  An email will be sent when the process is completed.

-           Click the Archive File link   to download  to your computer or click the chevron near the file name and select open .

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